U.S. Brings Home the Bacon

A deadly disease sweeping China's hog barns is reinvigorating the fortunes of U.S. meat companies.
 Outbreaks of African swine fever have led to the culling of millions of hogs in the world's top pork market. That is shrinking global meat supplies and boosting prices. The shift is welcome to U.S. meatpackers and farmers, whose hogs remain free of the disease, after a tough patch of low prices driven by record U.S. meat production and China's tariffs on U.S.

Strawberry Jam: Japanese Curlers Stumble Into Food Fight

AOMORI, Japan—The finest strawberries from all over Japan were stacked high at a sports center here on Tuesday: the Super Deluxe Tochigi Maiden, Red Cheeks, the Skyberry and the world's heaviest, the Sweet King.
 “So sweet!” said Olympic curler Satsuki Fujisawa as she took a bite from one while cameras flashed from the assembled media at the event ahead of a tournament. Once again, she carried the weight of national pride on her shoulders.

Farmers hoping for a golden age for agriculture with China free trade deal

by Darren Gray Source:

Farmers have applauded the historic free trade deal with China, saying it will make Australian farms more profitable, more productive and generate a surge in confidence as tariffs are abolished on key dairy, beef and horticulture exports to China.

Global Corn Demand to Grow 2.2% a Year

Growing demand for food in developing countries will continue to be a major driver of demand for corn and soybeans over next past decade, according to a new USDA report released last week called Long-Term Prospects for Agriculture Reflect Growing Demand for Food, Fiber, and Fuel. "Economic growth in developing countries is especially important for agriculture because food consumption and feed use are particularly responsive to income growth in those countries," the report notes. "As incomes rise in developing countries, consumers tend to diversify their diets, moving away from traditional staple foods, such as wheat and rice, and increasing their consumption of such foods as meat, dairy products, and vegetable oils."